1. Excellent Cation Exchange Capacity (C. E. C.) 181~186 meg/100g.
2. High efficacy for absorbing NH3, H2O, CO2.
3. High efficacy of absorption, wet-absorbent and catalysis.
4. All these properties cause Zeolite to be useful in many fields, such as aquaculture, agriculture,
   animal husbandry, environmental management and chemical industry.

Main Sizes:

Zeolite Granular: 20-40mesh, 0.25-1mm, 1-1.15mm, 1-2mm, 2-4mm, 3-5mm, 5-7mm, 30-50mm

Zeolite Powder: 60mesh, 80mesh, 100mesh, 150mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh etc.





In Aquaculture Ammonia filtration in fish hatcheries; Biofilter media
In Agriculture Odor control; Confined animal environmetal control; Livestock feed additives
In  Industry Absorbents for oil and spills; Gas separations. Water TreatmentWater filtration; Heavy metal removal; Swimming pools. Radioactive Waste
In Horticulture Nurseries; Greenhouses; Floriculture; Vegetables/herbs; Foliage; Tree and shrub transplanting: Turf grass soil amendment; Reclamation, revegetation, landscaping; Silviculture(forestry, tree plantations); Medium for hydroponic growing

 feed-additive swimming-pool


Zeolite Packaging:

A: 20kg/25kg/50kg pp woven bag packing
B: 20kg/25kg on pallet
C: 500kg,1000kg Jumbo bag packing
D: 20kg/25kg Kraft paper bag with PE inner
E: As request

Zeolite Quantity loading:
A: 20kg/25kg/50kg in bulk, can load 25tons/20’GP
B: jumbo bag or palletized packing, can load 20tons/20’GP
C: jumbo bag or palletized packing + 80bags*25kg in bulk, can load 22tons/20’GP
D: As request