Rock wool, a lightweight hydroponic substrate is made from spinning molten basaltic rock into fine fibres which are then formed into a range of cubes, blocks, growing slabs and granular products. Because rock wool and other stone or mineral wools used in horticulture originate from rock, they are considered by many to be a natural product. Rock wool is a widely utilised substrate in commercial horticulture for the production of crops as diverse as tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, herbs and cut flowers; however it can also easily be used by smaller hydroponic growers wanting to take advantage of improved root zone.

































Characteristics & Benefits:

Completely sterile and inert – ideal hydroponic growing medium. Reduced risk of pests and disease.

Even root growth – predominantly vertical fiber structure means identical levels of resistance for each root, so roots grow evenly.

Increased root development – structure of the rockwool is designed for optimum air / water balance and accelerated rooting.

Uniformity – quality and structure is uniform, so water content and EC (CF) will remain the same for every plant.

Re-wetting – It is is easy to re-saturate if it dries out, reducing the risk of root damage.





How to use rock mineral wool plug.
1. Preparing and planting in rock mineral wool.

2. Soak in very weak nutrient solution or water which has been pH adjusted for 24H.
3. Take out from the very weak nutrient solution or water which has been pH adjusted and place for about 15minutes.
4. Put seeds into the hole of cubes and cover Vermiculite on it.One plug for one seed.
5. Place it in a seed tray.

Rock mineral wool is a perfect moisture control material that holds in water and nutrients essential for plant growth. With the wool woven, the material simulates a comfortable soil media that plants love without the risk of clogged systems. Less clogs means less labor intensive growing.
Perfect for Precision Growing:

Excellent environment for all your seed starts and transplants rock mineral wool plugs are known for their homogeneity and reliability. They are the ideal media for automated processing, uniform germination and a high success rate with pricking out. The shape and firmness of the plugs are of a quality that makes processing significantly easier, whether that processing is mechanical or manual. Every plug has a uniform density, firmness and fibrous structure. This means that distribution of water, nutrients and pH-value is also uniform, which has a beneficial effect on germination results.