Introduction: Composite rock chips also named color flakes, vinly flakes, acrylic flakes, these are the materials for granite paint and coatings; it is composed by inorganic materials, high-molecular polymer, non-ionic additives and surfactant. The color and sizes are totally following the particles colors and sizes in the natural granite.

Colors: white, black, gold, red, pink, coffee, gray, yellow etc., according to customer demand for production and processing.

Sizes: 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 5-8mm




1.Colorful, Can be customized

2.excellent water resistance, weather resistance, alkali resistance, flexibility.

3, excellent adhesion, good compatibility with aqueous resin.

4.can be mixed with various water-based paint, will not change color, will not

5.affect the original properties of the coating.

6. make ordinary natural stone paint become high-grade synthetic granite.

7. Easy to apply by air spray or roller


Using and deployment: Firstly, analysis the main colors of the natural granite stone, choose the natural color sands close to the main colors in the deployment of the real stone paint, and then choose the composite rock chips according to the colors, sizes and proportion of the colorful particles in the granite stones, thirdly, put the composite rock chips to the good stone paint(viscosity and consistency are appropriate) and stir well, last use spray gun (nozzle diameter of 6-8 mm, the spray gun outlet pressure of 7-8 kg / c ㎡or more) single guns, single hole to spray colorful granite (surface fire)stone effect.



Composite Rock Chips - Flakes 2 Series