Ceramic Balls (Also named colorful expanded clay, ceramiste clay balls) These are made from the raw materials of kaolin, feldspar, quartz and color agent through firing in a high temperature.

Ceramic Balls are round sphere, solid particles, the shape of different technology and different.
Its surface is a hard shell, this shell is ceramic or enamel, washing does not lose color,
giving the ceramsite high strength.It has the function of water insulation,environmental protection,
water permeability and reusable.






















The Ceramsite is fired from clay, and the structure is loose and has many voids, which can absorb some water.The product integrates decorative, nutritive, breathable, water-absorbing and water-retaining.Gardening Ceramsite has beautiful color, water and aging resistance, no fading, no peeling, non-toxic and tasteless, green and environmental protection.


ceramic balls, colored clay,
coloful expanded clay, colorful leca
























Main sizes: 1-2mm, 3-4mm, 5-6mm, 7-8mm, 9-10mm

Multicolor Expanded Clay Pebbles, It is mixed the following six colors (Pale Green, Blue, Brown, Pink, Yellow, White)

Widely used for topsoil covering of flowers and trees, soilless cultivation of potted flowers & for fish tank aquarium too.It has the characteristics of beautiful color, water and aging resistance, no fading, no peeling, non-toxic and tasteless, and environmentally-friendly.

1. Drainage Layer: Place the drainage layer at the bottom of the flower pot to keep the drainage smooth and increase the breathability of the flower pot.

2. Moisturizing: When the air humidity is low, the water in the basin surface is easy to evaporation. A layer of ceramsite on the surface can slow the evaporation of water.

3. Aesthetics: Cover the mud on the surface of the basin to prevent the soil particles from splashing when watering the flowers or spraying water.


Packing: 10kg/20kg/25kg per bag
Quantity loading: 25Tons/20’GP