High CEC Natural Clinoptilolite zeolite for fertilizer and soil conditioner

Product Description:

Item: Natural Zeolite
Zeolite Granular: 20-40mesh, 0.25-1mm, 1-2mm, 2-4mm, 3-5mm, 5-7mm
Zeolite Powder: 60mesh, 80mesh, 100mesh, 150mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh,
Color: Pale Green
Packing: 25kg,50kg, jumbo bag, palletized packing
Quantity loading: 20tons-25tons/20’GP
Feature:High CEC,Big specific surface area,High Adsorption ability,
Ion eschange capacity is strong,Chemical stable performance etc.
The benfits for fertilizer and soil conditioner:
1. Improve the efficiency and value of fertilizer for better plant growth
2. Improves water based soil retention
3. Natural zeolite helps avoid fetilizer loss and reduce nurtients loss in the soil
4. Improves water infiltration and retention
5. Improves long term soil quality